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MeasureUp Flooring backs the biggest brands in carpet manufacturing, supporting and celebrating such famed names as Mowhawk, Premium Flooring, Advance Flooring, Feltex, Godfrey Hirst and more!

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Not sure where to start with your new carpet options? Let us help you simplify the process by considering the following invaluable information on colour, material, pile style and budget to match your space. When you have reduced your options and have a clearer image of your dream flooring, we are here to provide a free measure and quote to install your chosen carpet. Here’s some things to consider before deciding on your carpet:


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Deciding on the colour is one of the first elements to consider when selecting your carpet because your chosen shade will truly establish the mood of your room. Various colours can make a room feel warmer or colder, intimate and snug or spacious and light.

Neutral coloured carpets are a favourite amongst home-owners and businesses alike as these are the safest options – they are the least likely colours to go out of fashion and thus will not need replacing after a short period of time. Neutral coloured carpets such as beiges, charcoals, and creams create a peaceful setting and can make a small room look bigger.

​This tone of carpet goes well with all other colour schemes and allows you to experiment in other parts of your room, introducing splashes of colour to the walls, furniture, curtains, accessories, and artwork.

Pale carpets can really help to brighten up a room with little natural light, create space and produce a blank canvas that allows your furnishings to flourish. However, for those with children or pets, light carpets are not recommended unless you are prepared to pay extra for a very high-quality stain-resistant, easy to clean floor covering. Dark coloured carpets are ideal for disguising spills and accidents as well as creating a cosy atmosphere, although deep shades typically require more frequent vacuuming as anything light coloured stands out like a sore thumb!

​Bright and daring coloured carpets come in and out of fashion, but they certainly set the tone for a room and make an impressive statement. Ideal for family spaces, kids bedrooms, rumpus rooms or even just to add a burst of Wow! to a small section of a room, bold tones look striking and contemporary as well as being merciful in high-traffic areas both domestically and commercially.

Make sure to take an adequate amount of carpet samples with you to observe in your chosen room. Carpet colour changes considerably under different lighting and depending on its placement in a space.

To gauge an accurate reading of the finished product’s colour, pop a white sheet underneath your samples so that it is not affected by your old flooring and you can determine a more accurate finding from the blank canvas. Furthermore, carpet can look up to 20% lighter when installed in a room, so, ensure that you consider your samples from a distance to get a true idea of the final colour.

The colour of your carpet can really set the scene in a room.
The colour of your carpet can really set the scene in a room.


Your way of life plays a big role in choosing the right carpet for you.

The five dominant fibres in the world of carpet are Polypropylene, Polyester, Solution Dyed Nylon, Wool and Triextra. The material you choose will dictate appearance, texture, and durability so it’s essential that you contemplate where and how your carpet will be used, who will be using it, the level of foot traffic, your overall lifestyle and your cost allowance!


This economical man-made carpet consists of synthetic material which is resistant to moisture, mould and water spillage and is the most affordable type of carpet on the market. Polypropylene is super soft and highly fade-resistant, however, it is recommended you speak with one of our carpet specialists regarding the longevity of this product in relation to your particular lifestyle before making your mind up. This pocket-friendly option is typically suited to rental properties, children’s play spaces, and outdoor areas.


Very similar to polypropylene, polyester is also an artificial and inexpensive product that boasts a smooth and sleek quality. Highly stain and fade resistant thanks to its built-in colour fastness, this carpet choice is best fitted to low traffic zones such as a home office or a guest room. Polyester is also a popular carpet option for short-term housing and rental properties.

Solution Dyed Nylon

Made from synthetic, man-made material, solution-dyed nylon is famed for its added stain resistance, variety of bright and bold colours, resilience to high traffic areas, dependability and affordability! This is the go-to carpet for a lot of families with kids and animals as the fibres stay thick and plush in the face of foot traffic in living areas, staircases, hallways, and other highly populated areas. Further, solution-dyed nylon stands tough against our harsh New Zealand sun, so for north-facing rooms, you can rest easy knowing that this material won’t fade under the beating rays.

Choose a carpet that caters to your families needs!
Choose a carpet that caters to your families needs!


100% natural and biodegradable, this premium flooring product is one of the more luxurious choices of carpet on the market. Warm in winter and cool in summer, wool absorbs sound, is flame resistant, durable, and stain resilient. Perfect for family homes and luxurious settings, wool carpet is more costly than some of the other options out there, however, when you purchase a wool carpet you can be confident that you have made a solid investment. One down-side to this fibre is that darker coloured wool is prone to fading if installed under direct sunlight.

Triexta is the newest fiber in the carpeting industry.


Environmentally friendly, triexta carpet is an uber soft carpet made from about 37% renewable corn sugar. With natural stain resisting technologies, triexa fibres are both hard-wearing – repelling spilled liquid – and beautifully soft. Comparatively new to the market, this material has quickly become popular with families who have children and pets as well as a lot of foot traffic. Easy to clean with just plain water, triexta carpets are also resilient to fading.


There are lots of different styles of pile available when it comes to carpet choices. Two of the most standard varieties are cut pile and loop pile, but there are many variations of both.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpet is constructed by weaving the fibre through the backing of the carpet. The tops of the loops are then cut to display vertical strands of material. Depending on the direction of the tufts, you can have either a cut pile Plush carpet or a cut pile Twist carpet.

The cut pile plush option displays short and slightly twisty carpet fibres which catch the light and create a velvety texture which is luxurious and soft. However, this thick, fulsome carpet does shade and track easily so beware of every movement, footprint, vacuum mark being etched on your new fluffy floor.u can have either a cut pile Plush carpet or a cut pile Twist carpet.

The cut pile twist is tightly twined to create a carpet that is both indulgent and hard-wearing. The cut pile twist is more forgiving on heavy foot traffic and less likely to reveal tracking as well as still giving you that lush feeling underfoot.​

Most popular style of carpet today is the cut pile as it tends to be softer underfoot and to touch than loop pile carpets.
We have samples in store to browse and to take home with you!
Variations in pile contribute to the different appearances and performances of each carpet.

Loop Pile

Created by threading the fibre back and forth through the backing of the carpet to generate a series of loops. This kind of style is more casual than the cut pile and tends to be used for more high traffic areas as it does not show footprints or track.
The level loop pile is fabulous for intense traffic areas, as it is comprised of tight loops that are hard-wearing and can cope in highly populated spaces.
A multi-level loop or high-low loop pile is a combination of different random looping strategies. This style of carpet has a textured appearance which makes it very efficient in high-traffic spaces.

Sisal is one of the more solid carpet flooring options as the loops are woven tightly, overlapping one another which creates a range of patterns. Again, this loop style is very valuable in heavy-traffic areas and particularly suitable for commercial properties.

Cut and Loop Pile

Finally, the cut and loop pile is a mixture of both types of piles that work together to design an array of patterns and shapes. ​
If you’re looking for a fashionable finish with a soft texture then the textured cut and loop pile is the pile for you. A combo of cut tufts and looped fibres create unique patterns that not only look great but help to decrease dirt and vacuum marks.

​​Level cut with loop pile is fabulous for spaces with heavy foot traffic, as this style of carpet has a thick texture which is perfect for disguising the tell-tale signs of a busy lifestyle! The level cut and loop pile can create a variety of stunning patterns that feel like heaven on the feet!

Cut and Loop Pile allows the manufacturer to experiment with designs in the carpet, which can be geometric or abstract.
Cut and Loop Pile allows the manufacturer to experiment with designs in the carpet, which can be geometric or abstract.


Calculating a price for your new carpet can be a nightmare of a process – but it needn’t be. We have an online Carpet Calculator to help you work out a ballpark estimate regarding your carpet choice and what you are willing to spend.

We have samples in store to browse and to take home with you!

Free Measure & Quote

If you’re unsure about what carpet to go for – that’s fine! Just come on into our Whangarei OR our new Kaitaia showroom and take a look at our range of carpet samples.
Our in-store sales team can help guide you through the choices of carpets and provide you with samples to take home, also offering a guideline of cost.

You can book a free measure and quote with MeasureUp Flooring and one of our qualified measurers will come to your home or business and organise a formal quote just for you.
We provide a complementary measure and quote service which includes a detailed plan displaying where any suggested seams in your new carpet will be placed, as well as details about floor preparation.

​We give you as much information as possible to help you make a smart decision and so that you are fully in the know throughout your carpet installation project.


It’s always useful if the homeowner or business owner can be present during our site measures because we may need to ask you questions about your home and vice versa to get the optimum outcome!

We know that having strangers in your home or business can be intimidating, that’s why all of our layers are highly professional, friendly and efficient workers. We ensure that your privacy is respected at all times and our team of specialists will endeavour to site measure, prepare, install and finish your floor quickly and to the highest of standards.

You can trust your carpet will get laid to the highest standards by our highly qualified specialists.
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