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The perfect education flooring will leave a lasting effect, whether in a college lobby, classroom, student center, private school, or a daycare. 

We understand the complexities of flooring in educational buildings, from primary-level schools to middle and high schools, and even in universities. We provide a comprehensive solution that is specifically dedicated to the academic industry. This market requires a diverse range of products to cover numerous areas. Schooling requires hygiene, resistance, and acoustic limitations. Our experience allows us to offer a wide range of products for each region and level of education.

Purpose Driven Educational Flooring Options

In addition to classroom teachings, schools and campuses provide various services. These services include sports activities with fields and gyms, navigation in corridors, meals in cafeterias, and even theatre for some. Each element needs a unique type of flooring. Flooring in the facility is one of the essential design elements, including interior design. Flooring can improve classroom learning environments by using colors, layouts, and finishes that promote positive student behavior, effective teaching, and classroom safety. The right hallway flooring can handle a lot of foot traffic while still making it easy for students and instructors to move around.

As an education flooring specialist, We provide solutions that combine technological characteristics and design for each classroom inside a school. We create our products based on research and the most significant study conditions accessible. There are products in our product line that meet your needs. Our enormously trained and skilled setup crews complete projects quickly using modern setup techniques. They use the most up-to-date installation techniques to complete projects rapidly in Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Industrial, Religious Facilities, Retail, Public Spaces, and Transportation Flooring.

Education Flooring Options

  • Commercial Carpet Tiles – Carpet tile is a great option for Education as it allows for unique installation designs as well as easy maintenance due to the ability to replace individual tiles as needed due to normal wear overtime or any accidents that may occur.

  • Outdoor Deck Carpet – Make an entrance with our DecoRIB Indoor and Outdoor Carpet. This flooring option is highly durable and designed to trap soil and moisture from footwear as visitors enter your building. This option can also be used outdoors as a slip resistant surface on areas such as ramps, decks, and walkways.

  • Autex Composition – For a modular approach to acoustic lining, use our Composition Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles to assist in soundproofing a space while creating unique designs that can inspire creativity and learning or create practical feature walls.

  • Autex Acoustic Composition – Our Autex composition acoustic lining product offering is a durable, high performance wall alternative that assists with soundproofing a room while also offering opportunity for a more creative design for the space.
  • Commercial Vinyl (sheet vinyl, vinyl planks and safeT vinyl) – We offer the best sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, and SafeT vinyl for Hospitality spaces keeping safety, sanitation, and a great look in mind.

MeasureUp Flooring has been operating for over 20 years in Whangarei and the greater the Northland region. Contact us to speak to a flooring specialist today.

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