Laminate flooring has made a massive comeback since its birth in the 1970s with it now looking, performing and feeling better than ever! 

Created from multiple layers of artificial technology fused together via a lamination procedure, this hard-wearing board displays a photo image that can imitate wood, stone, metal or tile. Laminate flooring is becoming all the rage with homeowners and businesses alike as it has proved to be far more efficient than traditional wooden timber planks. Breakthroughs in laser-generated images allow laminate boards to meticulously impersonate any kind of flooring on the market. Whether you are looking for a modern stone look, unusual marble effect, natural wood texture or detailed mosaic tile pattern – then laminate flooring has a gorgeous option available for you!

So, what are the benefits of installing laminate into your domestic or commercial space?

Real Wood Vs. Laminate
Firstly, laminate is considerably more affordable than some of the alternatives in the flooring industry. Say you want the appearance of hardwood but can’t afford the hefty price tag – laminate flooring offers you the look and feel of real timber for a fraction of the price. Laminate also expands only slightly, so is perfect for both hot and cold areas! Furthermore, laminate is far more environmentally friendly as they created from images of trees, not from the actual trees themselves.

Simple Flooring
​Laminate is easy to install and a breeze to maintain. That’s right, laminate flooring can be installed over practically any kind of existing flooring in a relatively short amount of time. Further, once installed, this versatile product is resistant to spillages and stains as it is effortless to wipe down and clean. Simply sweep with a brush and wash with a damp mop occasionally to keep your new floor looking flash – no buffing, polishing, or special cleaning procedures needed!

Highly durable, this kind of floor covering is ideal for those with young children and pets. Laminate floors are hardy against scratches and easy to maintain in the face of little monsters and four-legged friends! You may also consider installing laminate flooring to high moisture spaces, such as your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. Although laminate is often advertised as water-resistant, always talk to a flooring specialist because different laminates
cater to different needs and you will need an extremely tough and resilient floor to stand the time in extreme wet areas!

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