It is hard not to find the perfect flooring for you home or just a single room with so many options. MeasureUp is New Zealand’s premier flooring provider and now offering more choices than ever, you will be sure to get the right look, feel and durability no matter what your flooring needs are. Follow the links below to learn more about each specific flooring type and reach out to us when you are ready for a measure and quote to beautify your home.

Carpet Flooring

MeasureUp Flooring backs the biggest brands in carpet manufacturing, supporting and celebrating such famed names as Mowhawk, Premium Flooring, Advance Flooring, Feltex, Godfrey Hirst and more!


Vinyl has blossomed over the years transforming into a popular, modern choice of flooring offering countless designs like wood, ceramic tiles, natural stones, slate, linoleum, and even playful patterns, delicate designs and imaginative artwork.


Beautiful and resilient, laminate flooring has made a massive comeback since its birth in the 1970s with it now looking, performing and feeling better than ever!


Hardwood not only adds value to a home, but it brings a lasting classic look that stands the test of time. It is durable, beautiful, easy to clean and has the ability to change the feel of any room in your home or office.

Engineered Timber

Engineered timber brings the same great look as hardwood and uses real wood of the surface. However, using layers of composite material, it offers an enhanced stability & more resistance to wear and tear & buckling.

Sand and Finish

Let us bring back the original luster and beauty of your hardwood floors. Sanding and refinishing old hardwood floors is a quick way to add value to a home and bring a new look without the need to replace existing flooring.


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