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If you want to modify the appearance of your current wood floors, add a different color stain, or just refresh the finish, You’ll require sand and finish services from XYZ. Installations, maintenance, and sanding and polishing services for various varieties of wooden floors are all available here.

This is the most effective method for restoring the beauty and sheen of your hardwood floors, which can become dull and damaged with time. You may breathe new life into your floors and one’s house by sanding them down and thereafter finishing them with a top layer of shine. When it comes to sanding and finishing, we follow a specific procedure at XYZ.


Safety : Sanding reduces the risk of fractures and splinters forming in your hardwood.

Strength : Sanding will smooth out the surface of the floor so that it stays flat, as well as close up any gaps between boards. It may also be used to strengthen weak nails and eliminate wood cracks, making the floor more robust to traffic and furniture weight in general.

Cleanliness : Finished flooring does not accumulate as much dust. All you need to do is a swift brush and a wet mop job every now and again.

Beauty : Even the oldest and dullest flooring may be rejuvenated by sanding. And if your flooring is gorgeous and repaired, the entire room will be as well.

Value : Sanding can quickly boost the market value of your property. Homebuyers like to visit homes with newly sanded and polished wooden floors, which gives you a significant edge when listing your property. This is something that any real estate agent will tell you!

Pest Control : A well-sanded floor helps reduce bug attraction by eliminating small cracks and gaps in the floor where pests like termites and other bugs like to dig and reproduce.

We realize when our clients adore their home exactly as it is—why that’s they call it their own? At The XYZ Company, we provide a variety of sanding and finishing treatments that will have your wooden floor looking like new again.

MeasureUp Flooring has been operating for over 20 years in Whangarei and the greater the Northland region. Contact us to speak to a flooring specialist today.

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Empty modern interior room
Empty house interior with new hardwood floor. Spacious empty living room with exit to backyard area and kitchen area
Modern living room with magnificent ceiling and fireplace.


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