Finding the right floor for your hospitality business isn’t simply a matter of picking a material and colour and away you go! Your new choice of flooring should be a sound investment that will last you the long haul, and this goes for both the front and back of house. Important factors to consider include durability, safety, water and stain resistance, ease of maintenance, aesthetics, and more. 

Unlike most domestic spaces, commercial areas need to be slip-resistant and hazard free to reduce the risk of accidents. Trips and falls can be detrimental to a business and could potentially cost millions in damages, so your floor needs to be up to the highest of standards. We recommend a high performance, non-slip commercial safety vinyl for places such as toilets, kitchens, bars, walkways and dining areas. In any eatery, you are bound to have spills and accidents, so it is paramount that you cover your back with the most slip-resistant flooring out there. Safety flooring meets strict health and safety standards and promises to last a lifetime.

Endurance is a major factor for commercial flooring, so yes, the pricier the product the more premium the product! If you decide on an inferior floor, you might find that your ground cracks or chips due to heavy foot traffic or dropped items. Not only will this cost you extra money in repairs, but it could also potentially cost you in a lawsuit should a customer or member of staff hurt themselves by tripping on a crevice.

One of the most favoured flooring types for food and hospitality businesses is laminate flooring. Laminate is tough and hard-wearing, coping well with scraping chairs and tables, pounding feet, dropped food and spilled drinks. It’s non-slip, allergy-friendly, easy to clean and doesn’t fade easily.
Laminate comes in a wide range of designs, from natural wood looks to authentic stone and comes in an array of colours and textures which can add character and warmth to your restaurant, cafe or bar.

Vinyl comes in an expansive variety of styles and effects, either in a roll or as tiles. Similar to laminate, vinyl is non-slip, easy to clean, anti-allergy, and low maintenance.
Vinyl flooring has come a long way and now looks and feels incredibly similar to the product it mimics; wood, slate, marble, herringbone, mosaic or unique art design.

Hospitality Flooring Options

  • Commercial Vinyl (sheet vinyl, vinyl planks and SafeT vinyl – We offer the best sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, and SafeT vinyl for Hospitality spaces keeping safety, sanitation, and a great look in mind. For flooring spaces that are commonly exposed to contaminants such as oils, soaps, or constant water spills, our SafeT vinyl options are a durable flooring choice and will keep your occupants and staff safe.

  • Commercial Carpet Tiles – Carpet tile is a great option for Education as it allows for unique installation designs as well as easy maintenance due to the ability to replace individual tiles as needed due to normal wear overtime or any accidents that may occur.

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