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Vinyl flooring is a synthetic fibre that is popular because of its longevity, low cost, and versatility. Because of its capacity to resist dampness as well as its diverse look, it is now a more common and popular option in recent times. Vinyl flooring may be made to seem like wood, stone, marble, and a variety of other high-end flooring options. Many vinyl tiles and vinyl plank flooring do have the appearance and feel of the organic fibres that influenced them. Vinyl tile and vinyl board are flexible, stylish, and affordable. The most modern design styles highlight natural, lifelike aesthetics. 

Cutting-edge printing technologies now create realistic-looking designs that mimic timber, marble, and other natural elements, all with the goal of creating a gorgeous floor. When contrasted to most floor alternatives, most vinyl tile and vinyl plank floors include a protective covering that provides greater stain resistance. Homeowners will like how versatile it is in a number of situations, such as the bath, dining, laundry room, and others.

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Hybrid Flooring

The much more lasting watertight vinyl flooring alternative in the industry is SPC flooring. Vinyl is tough, but SPC firm core premium vinyl flooring feels like you’re walking on concrete. This little, flat flooring may appear to have little marks, yet it is the hardest of the tough, particularly engineered to endure the usage and abuse of business situations. SPC solid core vinyl flooring is the best in terms of not only utility but also appearance. All of the trendiest timber and masonry styles and hues are available in gorgeous, realistic planks and tiles with stiff core vinyl.

If you’re considering vinyl flooring for your home, MeasureUp is your one-stop-shop for the greatest flooring supplies. We make this easy to understand about the strength, beauty, and variety of alternatives available in today’s modern vinyl floors. We have relationships with the major vinyl flooring producers, which allows us to provide you with the best options and quality. Contact us for more information and visit our store to select your preferred vinyl flooring designs.

This high performance, relatively new product is being praised for being 100% waterproof, meaning that it can be installed in any interior space both domestically and commercially. Easy to clean and maintain, Hybrid Flooring demands little time and energy, yet it looks exactly like real wood flooring! This is a truly exciting hard floor product as it has minimal expansion and contraction in our extreme New Zealand climate, resisting the rays of our penetrating sun and maintaining its colour as well as withstanding the heaviest foot traffic both at home and in commercial spaces.

MeasureUp Flooring has been operating for over 20 years in Whangarei and the greater the Northland region. Contact us to speak to a flooring specialist today.

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